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Rapid Rail International offers bespoke designed vertical fall arrest systems for your towers.

The Rapid Rail International vertical systems include the: -
  • The second generation Vertical Cable System (VCS)©. This product is designed for towers with a range of components configured to meet the requirements of your individual towers.
  • A Ladder System (VLS) which provides protection for climbers ascending or descending fixed ladders.
  • And a Rope Grab device which is specifically designed for use on all our vertical systems and is made to provide uninterrupted climbing for the full length of the system.
These systems offer fall protection for climbers and are easily and rapidly fitted. All our systems are rigorously tested to ensure long maintenance free life. Quality is `designed-iní and our systems are fully guaranteed. All our systems are user-friendly to encourage operator acceptance.

Products are subject to intellectual property rights.

Please e-mail us at enquiries@rrisafety.com or complete the Contact Form
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