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The Vertical Ladder System (VLS) can be fitted to most permanently installed ladders, for example, gas tank ladders, water tank ladders and antenna structures.

The VLS system uses a unique Robe grab device (S-Flo) that can be attached to the cable at any point and passes over the intermediate brackets resulting in near to free climbing experience for the user.

The key benefits include: -
  • Addresses your company responsibility to provide worker safety
  • The VLS system is tested to exceed current European legislation and meets all international standards
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • No drilling or welding required with standard VLS components
  • Ideal for new build or retrofit
  • Features a top bracket designed to collapse and protect the ladder from excessive fall arrest forces
  • A complete range of brackets to suit most types of ladder
  • Guaranteed for a long maintenance free life.
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